First Holy Communion

What is Eucharist?

“Eucharist is the sacrament that completes the process of initiation and is when one can fully participate in the Eucharist by receiving Holy Communion.Eucharist is unique among the sacraments as it is at the heart of our faith. For Catholics, the Eucharist, or Mass, is the most powerful way we encounter the real presence of Jesus Christ. Sunday after Sunday (some, of course, gather everyday), Catholics gather to celebrate the Eucharist, the ritual in which, by the power of the Holy Spirit, bread and wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ. We who celebrate are also transformed, becoming Christ’s presence to others, and recognising the presence of Christ in others.”

Children must be confirmed prior to receiving First Holy Communion. Confirmation is received in the year before Communion. First Communion Masses are in May each year, with preparation preceding this.

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By receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, the communicants are brought into full communion with the Catholic Church.  They are now fully initiated members of the Church. This means that the gift of the Eucharist is available to them whenever they wish to receive it. It also means they now take up the responsibility to be part of the mission of the Church by being the body of Christ in the world.

Our preparation for the Sacraments of Initiation is very experiential and based on feelings and understandings of belonging to God’s family here at All Saints.  It involves the children and their parent/s coming together with all the other participants to engage in all aspects of the programme. Therefore is not able to be recreated for individual children. This means that it is essential that you and your child are available for all parts of the programme. So that you can plan around this commitment, we are making the dates available a year in advance. We hope that you can pop them in your calendar and look forward to this wonderful time in the life of your family, as much as we do!

Sacramental Programme


2020 Dates

  • Information Night  Feb 9, 2020
  • Enrol  Feb 10-17, 2020 ^
  • Family Mass  March 15, 2020
  • Liturgy of God’s Mercy  March 17, 2020
  • Retreat  May 16, 2020
  • Mass  May 17, 2020
  • Rehearsal  May 21, 2020
  • First Communion Masses  May 23 and 24, 2020
  • Celebration Mass  June 14, 2020

^No late enrolments will be accepted.

(This is due to the generous enrolment period and the time needed to cover all administrative requirements prior to the reception of the sacrament.)

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Frequently Asked Questions about First Communion

Visit our Archdiocesan website for more background on the Sacrament of First Communion. 

First Eucharist / First Communion