Information Sessions

Information Sessions – Sacramental Journey of Discipleship

We warmly invite all parents who desire the sacraments of baptism, confirmation or eucharist for their children now, or at any time in the future to our information session.

All Saints has moved away from our past programme-style format and is moving towards an ongoing, family-friendly process without specific beginning and end dates.

We offer you a choice between two parent information sessions:

When            Saturday, November 6 after 5pm Mass

repeated      Sunday, November 7 after 9am Mass (no bookings necessary)

Where            All Saints Catholic Church, Albany Creek

Sacramental Journey of Discipleship

Dear parishioners of All Saints,

I commend to your prayerful care our young parishioners who are discerning and continuing their Sacramental Journey of Discipleship in our parish. I believe you have been noticing the intentional change in the way we are celebrating the sacraments of Initiation in our parish. We began celebrating baptism within the Mass on the first and third weekends and fifteen of our young parishioners are receiving Jesus Christ in Holy Communion for the first recently. They have undertaken with us a Sacramental Journey of Discipleship which is a process by which a person accepts the responsibilities of their faith commitment within a network of support and strength, and learns what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Congratulations dear children!

Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist lay the foundations of every Christian life. We are born anew by Baptism, strengthened by the Sacrament of Confirmation, and receive in the Eucharist the food of eternal life.  The objectives for Sacramental preparation include an intentionality that leads the children and us to a deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ, community involvement, and a search for a stronger faith through continuing preparation and reflection. Therefore, those who are seeking to enter the sacramental journey of faith within the church need to be aware that Sacraments aren’t magic—they depend on a free response in faith. We need to try to live what they signify. Sacraments are not ‘over and done with’ when the celebration is over and becoming a disciple is an ongoing process.

Clear Expectations:

  • We warmly welcome all parishioners to see the Sacraments of Initiation not so much as a programme but more of a process forming a community of committed, passionate disciples.
  • The Sacramental process at All Saints Parish is a family-centered and parish based and school supported process that is not grade or age based but readiness and preparedness based. The process leading up to each sacrament (Confirmation and First Eucharist) is expected to last a period of a minimum of twelve months.
  • Parents are the child’s first religious educators, mentors and role models. In this Sacramental Journey of Discipleship they speak with their children about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the sacraments and what they mean. They share with them their own stories and their own sacramental journey of discipleship.
  • The preparation and reception of Sacraments of initiation is not tied to an age, a class, or a year level at school. Archdiocesan guidelines indicate Confirmation from the year a child turns eight, First Communion from the year a child turns nine and acknowledges that as individual readiness varies, more time may be required for specific children and their families. The signs of growing discipleship and readiness are found in our                                              Four Pillars of All Saints Missionary Discipleship:
  • Word – regularly listening to and engaging with God’s Word, especially at Mass.
  • Worship – regularly participating in our worshipping community at Mass.
  • Community – engaging with our parish community, especially at Mass.
  • Witness – living our faith through service to the parish and wider community.
  • The reason we seek full initiation through Confirmation and Communion is so that we can fully participate in Mass with the whole community. Therefore, the sacramental journey expects children and their families to have regular and active participation in our parish worshipping community.
  • When a family together with their child/ren discern that they are ready to continue the sacramental journey that began with Baptism, they are invited to begin the formal sacramental preparation process.


The formal preparation process involves:

  • children expressing their own reasons and desire to receive the sacrament,
  • continuing regular participation in the worshipping community at Mass,
  • a formal Rite of Acceptance / Rite of Enrolment at a designated parish Mass,
  • the presentation of the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer at a designated parish Mass,
  • a Sacramental Retreat Day – The Retreat is a compulsory non-repeatable event,
  • some specific preparation Masses with after-Mass activities,
  • the actual Celebration of the Sacrament, and
  • ongoing participation as fully initiated members of the Church.
  • As the sacramental journey and process are embedded in and assume participation in the worshipping community, all communications about dates and sacramental process events will be communicated at weekend Masses, in the parish newsletter, and through regular parish channels.

We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting new venture as the children of our parish journey towards full initiation as committed disciples of Jesus. Everyone is welcome to join us and commit to our parish vision of forming missionary disciples.

Please be assured that no-one will ever be turned away from All Saints’ Sacramental Journey of Discipleship!