General FAQs

Is it compulsory for my child to receive the sacraments?

No, it is not. We are here to help you when you feel the time is right for your family.

Does my child need to be baptised in the Catholic Church to receive the sacraments?

The short answer is ‘yes’. However, if your child has been baptised in another Christian Church, they are not baptised again. They may participate in the sacraments after a short, simple ceremony to be received into the Catholic Church, if that is your desire. This takes place prior to Confirmation. This means that the child will now be ‘Catholic’.

My child goes to a Catholic school. Don’t they receive sacramental preparation there?

Parents are the primary nurturers of their children’s faith and are therefore perfectly placed to be intimately involved in their preparation to receive the sacraments. Our parish school supports the children through the religious education programmes and the religious life of the school but they do not offer sacramental preparation as such. The parish accompanies the parents on this journey and provides preparation for both the parent and the child.

We don’t get to Mass very often. How am I supposed to prepare my child for something so important?

That’s why we’re here to help! Lots of parents feel insecure in their knowledge. By attending the preparation sessions with your child, you get a refresher and you can talk to your child with confidence. We also warmly invite you to come to Mass more regularly. We would love you to join us!

Who attends the preparation? Is it compulsory?

Because of the importance of the commitment being made in receiving the sacraments, attendance at information and preparation sessions is compulsory. Parents only, attend the information session. The child and at least one parent attends the rest of the programme. It is not uncommon for families to wait for the following year if they cannot commit to all dates.

We have already booked a holiday and can’t attend all the preparation dates. What can we do?

We plan the programme to avoid school holidays and therefore assume that families are available in school time. Because all dates are compulsory, you will need to wait until the following year. 

When is my child eligible to receive the sacraments?

Children in Year 3 are invited to receive Confirmation. Children in Year 4 are invited to receive First Holy Communion. Children in Year 5 are invited to receive the First Rite of Reconciliation. It is important to know that these are minimum ages only and you will be able to discern your child and your family’s readiness to make the commitment involved in being fully initiated into the Church. It is not uncommon for families to wait until the child is older.

What can I do now to help my child prepare?

These sacraments are about belonging. Talk to them about where they belong and what it means. Bring them to Mass to show that they belong to our parish. Pray with them so they know they belong to God.

How do I enrol my child?

We use online enrolment through TryBooking. There is a window of one full week to enrol and I’m afraid that no late enrolments will be accepted. See the dates under the individual sacraments on the main menu.

How much does the programme cost?

There is a $60 administration fee per candidate to cover the costs of preparation. This fee will be able to be paid online when you enrol your child. If you have difficulty with this fee, please contact our Sacramental Co-ordinator, Anne Frawley-Mangan.

Do you have an official photograher?

Yes we do!  Our official photographer attends all Sacramental Masses.
Father Ron does not permit the taking of private photographs or video recording during the Sacramental Masses or ceremonies. We ask you to respect this request and pass it onto other members of your family. You are welcome to take as many photos as you like before and after the rites, either in the church or the surrounding gardens.